Chocoalteboss and Sanza (Maverick) litter

May 27, 2021

Chocolateboss had four kittens on 5/27 - two silver tabby boys, one red silver tabby boy and a tortie (calico)!

Update: 9 week pictures added!

Chocoalteboss and Sanza (Maverick) litter


red silver classic tabby with white

Gerakleys Cristall

Carmelita of Ehtereal

Chocolateboss Svet Ochey Dasha

silver classic torbie

Chocolate Jaguar

Nagrada Krasnyi Dar*RU

RESERVED: Silver tabby boy, Comet: $1200

RESERVED: Calico girl, Jazz (or amber patch tortie with white): $1100

RESERVED: Red silver tabby boy, Scout: $1000

RESERVED: Silver tabby boy, Sterling: $1200