Maize and Maverick (Sanza) litter!

22 February 2021

Maizie and Maverick (aka Sanza) had a litter of four kittens on 2/22!

All kittens have been reserved.

Photos of the kittens at 8 weeks were recently added!

Maize and Maverick (Sanza) litter!


red silver classic tabby with white

Gerakleys Cristall

Carmelita of Ehtereal

Thelionswhelp Maizie

black amber classic torbie

Hissyfitcoons Caos of Thelionswhelp

Hissyfitcoons Minx of Thelionswhelp

Photos at 4 weeks!

Photos at 6 weeks (almost)! Note that girl, Daisy wore a white ribbon in the previous photos and red silver boy, Dash, wore purple.

RESERVED Red silver tabby girl, Daisy, at 7 weeks $900

RESERVED Red silver tabby boy, Olaf, at 7 weeks $1000

RESERVED Black smoke boy, Phantom at 7 weeks $1100

RESERVED Red silver tabby boy, Dash, at 7 weeks $1000

Pictures taken at just over 8 weeks!