RESERVING A KITTEN: A $200 deposit is required to hold the kitten of your choice. The remaining payment will be due on pickup. Please include a little about yourself and your home when inquiring about a kitten. Kittens will not be held without a deposit.

REGISTRATION: The litters are registered with TICA. It is up to the new owner to register individual kittens.

FOOD: The kittens have been fed a variety of cat food - including raw, canned and kibble. They will come with a sample of food to ease the transition to a new home and diet.

TRAINING: All kittens will be accustomed to using a litter box. However, accidents can occur. To help ensure success, new owners might want keep their new kitten in a somewhat confined area with its litter box for the first few days.

HEALTH: Prior to re-homing, they will have been wormed, vaccinated and checked by a vet.

PICKUP: Kittens are ready for their new homes between at (around) 11 weeks of age. Shipping is not available. However, as we have family in the Chicago suburbs, kittens can sometimes be picked up there as well as the Asheville area in western North Carolina.